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Donna and Brian Smith


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Jan Broulik

Business Partner – Maurice Electrical Supply Co.

Shane Castillini

Business Partner – Creative Director, SJTORM + THEORY

Phyllis Kennedy


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“If you are considering a home addition, or upgrade to your home, then you must consider Cathleen Curtin, RA, AIA as your architect. My husband and I highly recommend her for any home improvement project, renovation, or addition. Cathleen designed our new addition (kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom suite, game room, outdoor living space including deck, screened-in porch and walk-out patio) and was actively engaged throughout the entire project including assistance with selecting the contractors, the construction, and selection of all furnishings and products. We love our home and addition, it is beautiful. The kitchen was next on our list, and of course we  only considered Cathleen for this project! Very happy clients, Donna and Brian Smith.” January 19, 2013

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Cathleen’s design for our addition was exactly what we had in mind when we envisioned our light-filled spacious family room/kitchen. She was also responsible for the oversight of the builder which was in itself a full-time job that saved us many thousands of dollars in upcharges/re-dos, etc. I highly recommend her!” 

“Cathleen is a great people oriented designer/architect in quest of the perfect product and proper aesthetics for a client’s needs. Always working in a positive vein, she plows through the problems until they’re solved. Her personable camaraderie amongst her peers is keenly felt and working with her is a pleasure.”

“I have worked with Cathleen on three different projects, and she was a joy to work with on jobs that demanded professionalism and dedication through difficult times. She was always up for a challenge, willing to see things through to the end (a satisfactory one), and always bring new ideas to make it even better. Witty, inspiring, and a team player. Oh, as well as beautiful and always fashionably dressed. Love to work with her again!!” 

Where to begin with my comments about Cathleen Curtin, the positive side, or the negative… well, that’s easy!  There is no negative, so here are the positives!!

Having scaled down a good bit from a larger home, and now residing in my interesting apartment in Old Town, Alexandria, I needed to make improvements and changes that would make this small place my haven.  It began with getting bids on a bathroom renovation.  Having contacted other architectural services and builders in the area that I knew, I found that the recommendations (and the pricing) were all over the place, and I really couldn’t tell what they were going to do.  I also felt that they were not listening to me regarding the need to connect the bedroom space and my master bathroom.

From the minute I ran this idea by Cathleen, she “got me” and she listened to me and she responded quickly.  Within a couple days of our first meeting, she was back to me with a clear and concise overview and pricing.  I was impressed with her level of detail, as well as her efficiency.  And, this impression never changed thru out what became a much bigger project. Where the others all were going to expand my bathroom and take away space from my bedroom, Cathleen Curtin was able to give me all that I wanted, AND MORE, in the same footprint – saving money, time and probably a lot of unknown issues in this old building.  Her creative use of space and layout resulted in a bathroom that I absolutely love, and others marvel at.


Once deciding to work with Ms. Curtin, I realized that I felt safe and comfortable to do more of what really needed to be done to my living space.  She gave me that comfort. Having had some experience with such projects in the past, it was knowing that she was not only the Architect, but also the Project Manager, that gave me the confidence to take this on.  Always available for questions, and always quick to find solutions to issues as they came along, she drove this project hard and fast, and with a fabulous outcome.

The project included not only the master bathroom, but a new laundry room, leveling the floors in my bedroom, insulation where there was none, built in cabinetry that eliminated the need for furniture in the bedroom, re-doing of floors, adding hardwood floors where they did not exist, brilliant storage cabinets, new lighting thru out, a life changing gas fireplace, creative kitchen solutions that make me love cooking again, a very special powder room, and so much more.

I am thrilled in my new space – and enjoy it more than I ever dreamed possible.  Cathleen was a joy to work with, a consummate professional, a willing ear, a great production manager, and attended to each and every detail of the project.  On site every day, often several times, staying ahead of all contractors with selections and materials, and kept me informed with clear and consistent communication.  Running a busy enterprise, I needed this style of professional oversight, and feel that not only did she give me a wonderful new home to enjoy, she gave me great service and great value in a time that we often do not get what we expect.  With Cathleen, I got more than I ever expected! 

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